Police commend firm for resettlement project

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The National, Monday 06th of October, 2014

 NATIONAL Capital District-Central police commander, Assistant Commissioner Jerry Frank has commended Paga Hill Development Company for the successful relocation of settlers to 6-Mile.

Frank said he was pleased to witness and celebrate what was a historic day, not only for the resettled families but the country.

“I must commend and congratulate Gudmundur Friedrickson and the Paga Hill Development Company for going out of their way and spending money to resettle people from Paga Hill,” he said.

“What you have done is tremendous. 

“You have shown what other State lease holders can do and must do if they are sincere and committed.”

 Frank called on authorities to take immediate action to address the increasing illegal squatter settlements in the National Capital District. 

“If no action is taken today, the NCD will become one big squatter settlement,” he said.

 “People want land but it is too expensive. They want to buy houses but cannot afford to. 

“So they take the easy way out by squatting on other people’s land.

 “What is needed is some consideration by the authorities for planned and proper development, not just in Port Moresby but in other main centres as well. 

“We need to make land and housing available for the average people. 

“When we cannot do, we then create an environment for law and order problems to arise.” 

Frank said in almost 40 years as a policeman, he had not seen a gesture such as the one offered by Paga  Hill Development Company.

“In all those years, I have never seen such a gesture by any individual, company or even government organisation,” he said.

“Leaseholders usually come to police with titles and court orders and we evict: End of story. How and where you go is your problem.

“You only have to look around Port Moresby at the number of evictions carried out in recent times where entire communities have been destroyed and men, women and children get thrown out with nowhere to go.”

 Frank said Paga Hill Development Company went out of its way to assist Paga settlers. 

“It purchased land, provided bags, vehicles, manpower and even cash for settlers from Paga Hill to move to 6-Mile,” he said.

 “It went further to bring in water, power and road access for the settlers.”



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