Police commended


I CONGRATULATE the great work put into the city of Lae under the leadership of the metropolitan commander, senior officers and the hardworking police men and women.
Although we have law and order problems from some sectors of the city, your efforts and initiative in the formation of the police section SRU unit has spoken loud clear for the citizens of Lae to comply to law and order in their communities.
Our policemen and women you have shown great leadership and personal discipline in discharging your mandated duties as a police officer is encouraging.
Special mention to the China Town police thank you for maintaining the professionalism in all sectors of your duties from your conduct as a police officer to the management of your police vehicles clean and it represents the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary everywhere in your command.
From my perspective retrospective to year 2000, you have improved a lot and I wish such policing program in Lae would be replicated to some centres in the nation.
Congratulations Lae police.

Jack Kukiwa
Lae city citizen