Police commissioner launches security operations in Kimbe


Police Commissioner Gari Baki launched the security operations last Friday in Kimbe with a stern warning to his officers that there will be no place for them in the force if they are found to be openly supporting a candidate in the elections.
Baki said the public perception of the security forces was negative and they must therefore conduct their duties as expected of them.
“Let me tell you, it is not your duty to support any candidate, you must have pride and integrity in the uniform that you wear,” Baki said.
“Your job is to do your job as a police officer, as a warder, as a soldier assigned to support the Electoral Commission so the people can cast their votes freely.”
Baki said he was tired of hearing about the negative public perception and the disciplined forces must be on their guard to do what was required of them during the elections.
Baki said he had decentralised the command and control of the security operations to the divisional commands and having gone around the country he was very pleased with the way the respective divisions were conducting their operations.
Baki also commissioned the reservists who had been engaged to assist in the national elections’ securiy operations.
Correctional Services commander John Koilamus said 13 officers had been released to assist the police provide security for the polling teams.
Some members of the PNG Defence Force’s naval squadron were also in the province.

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