Police concerned despite fire containment

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A FIRE that broke out at the Criminal Investigation Division office in Boroko, Port Moresby, was contained by fire services but police were worried about damage to documents.
“My concern is the break-in squad’s office which houses all the criminal files, sexual offence office – there’re countless number of offences reported every day in that office,” NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi said.
“Discipline files for all the disciplinary matters in NCD and armed robbery on the others and the main brain where we go to court – the prosecution office.
“If the whole building goes up in flame, our brain, the prosecution and all their cases will be a problem.
“This building has just been renovated, I think it was completed two-three months ago.
“I don’t know how the fire started but our clerk and her husband were inside and they got (partly) burnt.
“That will be our investigation. It’s the secretary’s office.
“The fire didn’t go into the commander’s office.
“The detainees are okay.
“I got the call at around 6:18am, maybe the fire started at 6am.”
Fire Service officer Arifiai Farapo told The National that the officers were working around the scene to contain the fire.

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