Police confiscate grenades, ammo

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The National, Monday July 9th, 2012

POLICE confiscated a hand grenade and 10 rounds of ammunition from supporters of a candidate in Kimbe, West New Britain province, last Friday.
Police said six supporters of the candidate were caught with the items at a roadblock on the Hoskins Highway at around 9am.
The candidate from Gloucester, is contesting the regional seat held by Governor Peter Humphries.
Provincial police commander Chief Insp Samson Siguyaru said the men had been travelling from the airport to Kimbe when police acting on a tip-off
caught them.
“They were travelling in a five-door land cruiser owned by the candidate,” Siguyaru said.
He said three of the suspects were from Sepik, while the other three men were locals from Gloucester.
“They were charged with illegally in possession of dangerous items – namely a bomb and ammunition,” Siguyaru said.
“We will call the candidate in for questioning as part of our investigation.”
The suspects were detained while the vehicle was impounded at the Kimbe police station.
Siguyaru said the suspects would appear in court once police completed investigations.
Siguyaru said police would not back down on candidates and their supporters who planned on causing trouble.
He said he had placed officers at strategic locations in the province to search and detain people who wanted to disrupt counting.
“The arrest is an example and other candidates and their supporters must be wary,” he said.
He said counting for the two open seats (Kandrian-Gloucester and Talasea) and the regional seat started on Saturday.