Police crackdown on unlicensed taxi cabs

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UNLIC ENSED taxi cabs are warned not to provide service to the public, says Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary director Traffic, Joe Joseph.
Joseph said unlicensed taxis were becoming common in the city and were always avoiding road blocks set up by the police.
He said it was always a game of ‘hide and seek’ between the police and the taxis and urged taxi owners, and operators to apply for taxi licences.
Joseph was responding to concerns raised by registered taxi companies about the rise in unlicensed taxis taking over the streets of Port Moresby.
He said these unlicensed taxis were operating outside the rule of law by not paying for their licences and passing roadworthiness.
Joseph said these taxis were cheating the system by operating at the expense of the registered taxis.
Joseph urged the public to get on taxi cabs that were registered under a company and had the logo of the company displayed clearly on the cab.
“It is a risk that passengers are taking when getting on an unlicensed taxi,” he said.
He said in preparation for the Asia Pacific Economic Corporation Summit in November the traffic would be out in full force to ensure all taxis were properly licensed.
“Operating under white plate, unlicensed, is illegal and they cannot continue to do that.
“The traffic police will not tolerate any taxis operating illegally.
“All unlicensed taxi will be impounded and the drivers will be charged,” Joseph said.

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