Police deny shooting of man during tribal fight


POLICE have denied shooting dead any member of the two warring tribes currently locked in ongoing fierce and deadly sporadic fights in Wabag’s Lengi.
Commander Supt Epenes Nili yesterday said the alleged shootings by police were only hearsay.
“The hearsay have gone viral on social media and painted a bad name for security personnel who are trying to restore peace and order.
“The fight between the Timali and the Sikinwan clans is a sensitive issue and no security personnel was sent there to kill anyone.
“The media must consult, confirm and get police approval before reporting the fighting,” he added.
“I did not send security personnel to shoot and kill anyone from both sides.
“Why should we do that?”
He said police were informed of the shooting and “we are still investigating to determine the truth of the matter”.
“The tribal fighting is just outside the township of Wabag and security personnel comprising police and members of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) were there guarding Government properties and ensuring public safety for those travelling along the highway corridor.
“They should not have accused police of shooting because the warlords are also using high powered guns,” he added.

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