Police detain two suspects over stabbing of passenger

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POLICE have detained two men suspected of stabbing a passenger on a public motor vehicle at Tuonumbu in the Sausso local level government in Yangoru-Saussia on Friday, East Sepik police commander Supt Albert Beli says.
He said the incident had sparked a conflict between two groups of people in the district.
Supt Beli said the victim recovered at a health facility at Yangoru station.
He said those who assisted the victim and retaliated by burning and destroying houses and properties at Tuonumbu would be arrested.
“Two suspects from Tuonumbu were arrested this morning (yesterday),” Supt Beli said.
“They will be charged with allegedly stabbing the passenger and touching female passengers on the PMV,” he said.
“More arrests will be made on the Yangoru side, those who mobilised and transported men who burnt down houses at Tuonumbu.”
Supt Beli said costs of damages at Tuonumbu were yet to be known.
A mobile squad comprising 45 officers was in the province to help maintain law and order and restore peace in areas along the Sepik Highway.
Supt Beli said a gathering was expected today at Tuonumbu where MP Richard Maru would discuss a restoration programme for those affected.

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