Police discipline a worry in Manus


THE police boss in Manus is concerned about the evident break down of discipline among the police force in the province.
Chief Inspector David Yapu has suspended three officers for 21 days for continuous absenteeism.
During the end of the month meeting this week, he stressed to his officers the importance of discipline.
Yapu said it was unfair that some officers were dedicated and hardworking while others did not make any effort to work but at the end of the fortnight got full pay.
Yapu said this was outright dishonesty and such members were cheating the constabulary, who was their employer, and the Government.
He said he would not entertain such behaviour and attitude and would be taking appropriate actions to tow them back into line.
Yapu reminded his officers that the police commissioner has declared 2017 the year of discipline and the police force in Manus must work to instill discipline in the force.
“We will be going into our Christmas and New Year police operations and I expect each and everyone to turn up for duty to keep our province quiet and peaceful so that our people can celebrate the festive season peacefully,” he said.
Yapu has challenged the station commander, section heads and senior non-commissioned officers to take the leading role in enforcing discipline in the force.
“There is no room for complacency,” he said.