Police escorts needed

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The National, Friday July 5th, 2013


Companies sending large sums of money to be banked should consider requesting police escorts, a senior Lae police officer said yesterday.

Lae metropolitan commander, Ivan Lakatani, said yesterday that employees of Bishops (formerly Bishop Brothers Engineering) were on their way the Westpac Bank branch in Top Town when they were held up by three men on June 24 and robbed of K140,000.

The men were armed with “a pistol and a Rambo knife”, Lakatani said.

“The suspects escaped in a waiting vehicle.”

Lakatani said companies did not have to pay for police escorts.

 “A good number of robberies involving large sums of money are inside jobs. 

“The timings of money transfer should be changed constantly,” he said.

Police said employers must also be wary of the type of people they entrusted with their banking as employees sometimes colluded with criminals.