Police find drug group operating in barracks


AN international drug syndicate is operating undercover in a police barracks to smuggle and sell cocaine in Port Moresby, deputy police commissioner – operations Jim Andrews says.
“And a police officer is under investigation for allegedly being part of the syndicate for using his house in the barracks to sell cocaine,” he said yesterday.
“Police began suspecting him after noticing a large number of tinted vehicles frequenting his house, noticing the suspect approaching these vehicles and we believe that he must be selling cocaine to them.”
Andrews said because of these suspicious, a search warrant was obtained.
“They searched his house and discovered 50g of cocaine,” he said.
“However, we believe that he had already sold a large amount of cocaine when he was arrested.
“He was selling it at K300 to K400 for a dose and people were coming to his house.
“We believe that he has been doing this for a long time.”
Andrews said forensic officers tested the 50g of powder and confirmed it to be cocaine.
“It has been sent to the Australian Federal Police laboratory to verify forensic reports. We need a second opinion.”
Andrews said he could not believe a police officer was involved in such a hard drug trade.
“We have to be serious in addressing the drug issues because hard drugs like cocaine are now coming into the country.”

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