Police fraud squad must act quickly

Letters, Normal

The National Monday, December 13, 2010

Many good and innocent public servants working in Vulupindi Haus, have been unfairly victimised due to the actions of a minority in the Treasury, Planning and Finance departments.
I have seen junior officers, who were recruited last year into positions directly dealing with project funds, owning expensive cars and even houses.
Some even fly back to their villages regularly and return to Moresby in time for work on Mondays.
I used to wonder how these officers were able to accumulate wealth during the short time with the department when others, who have served longer than them, are still catching PMVs to and from work.
I can only hope the police fraud squad come down hard on these officers soon, especially in planning and finance.
It would be good if arrests can be made as soon as possible.


Eye in the sky
Port Moresby