Police get K1.4 million boost

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 29th May 2013


Southern Highlands Governor William Powi yesterday presented two cheques for K1.4 million to Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga to boost police manpower and duties in his province.

“One million kina will be used to increase police recruitment for the province while K400,000 is for boosting police presence and manpower along the Poroma length of road in SHP,” Powi said.

“Law and order is a very big issue and that is one challenge my government is going to tackle in the province and this funding is a sign that the Southern Highlands provincial government is taking the issue very seriously.”

The funding is part of Powi’s strategic master development plan for his province, which Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will launch in Port Moresby next week.

He said law and order was one of the key priorities in the development plan. Kulunga thanked the Southern Highlands provincial government and said political leaders should work with police to boost law and order.

“Law and order is a major concern and it is very fitting for political leaders to engage in partnership with police to combat law and order problems together in the country,” Kulunga said.

He also thanked other provincial and local leaders of the country who had over the years been supporting police efforts in their respective provinces. 

“Provinces wishing to assist police with funds in the future must present these funds directly to police headquarters so that police can monitor the quality and value of work to be carried out in accordance with police standards, and also at the same time, be accountable of the funds to be used on projects for police,” Kulunga said.

 Upon visiting and inspecting police projects like new housing for police around the country, some were not of good standard and quality for police personnel to use, he said.

“The proper way is for us to have the funds from provincial government support in hand at headquarters so we can always maintain the quality of work being carried out for our benefit,” Kulunga said.