Police: Girl stabbed, dies

The National,Tuesday June 14th, 2016

A girl from the Karintz LLG in the Mendi-Munihu district, Southern Highlands was stabbed and died last weekend, police say .
Her body was found floating in the Mendi river four days later.
Southern Highlands  police commander Chief Supt Sibron Papoto confirmed the incident and said the suspect’s identity was known and an arrest would be made soon.
According to an immediate relative of the girl who requested  anonymity, the girl might have died on the same night.
The relative said the suspect, after realising that the girl was dead, threw her body into the river.  Her body was found after four days by a search party including Mendi police officers.
There were several wounds on her body. The relative said she could have been stabbed with a screw driver and a knife.
The Karintz LLG and some other parts of Southern Highlands are known for a social night activity called kilim sipsip where males and females met in a house for story-telling and sometimes engaged in sexual activities.
Community leaders from the LLG now want the activity stopped immediately and people organising it held responsible if any problems arose.