Police have own budget to run their operations

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday October 14th, 2013

 I REFER to a letter written by “Concerned Ialibuan Citizen”, titled “PM seems unconcerned about electorate’s police”, (Oct 2).

The police department is an institution of its own, it has its own structure, headed by the commissioner and leads down to the hard-working policemen in Ialibu. 

The responsibility of providing vehicles, fuel, uniforms, housing salaries and every other renumeration lies with the police department.

Members of parliament and business houses donating food, fuel, vehicles and extra allowances for members of the police force or any other disciplined forces amounts to compromising their duties. Police sometimes become biased while discharging their duties.

I am not saying our good policemen in Ialibu, Pangia or Kagua do that. 

What I am saying is that the police department receives annual budgets which they should use to service their operations nationwide, including Ialibu and Pangia.

I personally do not like the idea of an MP buying new vehicles for policemen. It is not his responsibility. Besides, the electorate has a very low crime rate in the entire Highlands region. 

If the MP was to buy vehicles for police, say one each for Ialibu and Pangia, it would cost the district at least K240,000, and  that is money worth investing in infrastructure, generating economic activities for the people and reducing the crime rate.


Another Ialibuan 

Port Moresby