Police, health officials recommend closure of city station

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POLICE and officers from the National Capital District Commission health division have recommended the closure of the Boroko police station because of its deteriorating condition.
The station was built almost seven decades ago.
PNG Trade Union Congress general secretary Clement Kanau said the officers and detainees were at a high risk of getting sick.
“The station is not fit for human use because of the health risk,” Kanau said.
The toilet facilities are dirty and old, shower pips are broken, cell blocks have no ventilation, the roof over the operation center is damaged and there are not enough chairs and tables in the offices.
Kanau said it was the central station in the capital city.
“As a trade union, we are concerned about workers’ health and safety. We recommend to the health authorities and National Capital District Commission for its closure,” he said.
Police Union president Lowa Tambua said detainees in cells had no ventilation.
“How can authorities and public expect a prisoner to go back to the community a change person when we are supposed to rehabilitate with a proper place to keep them? Such treatment cause mental problems.
“They are worse when they are released.”