Police hold 50 PMV buses for breaching health safety rules

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POLICE pulled off the road around 50 buses last Friday for breaching public health safety rules such as the requirement that passengers wear face masks.
National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’dranou said the bus drivers and checkers had been ignoring the Covid-19 protocols such as the maximum of 15 passengers.
“On Friday, buses were removed from the roads after they were given ample time to adhere to the new measures set by controller David Manning,” he said.
“They refused so police actioned what we have been warning them about. The registration numbers of the buses have been recorded and police have warned the operators that if they are caught again, the detention time will be extended.”
Chief Inspector David Terry told the bus drivers to obey the rules.
“On hand must be hand sanitisers. Driver and crew must wear masks and ensure only 15 passengers are on board. The new fare is K1.50.”
Bus owner Kepson Pundu said he told his drivers to exercise responsibility and ensure that passengers were following the rules.
N’Dranou said the exercise would continue and asked drivers to be safety-wise and health-conscious.


  • I thought the PM said everything is back to normal. Why restricting the If you are sick visit the doctors. People on PMV buses are free to go and come without treats.
    Everybody must be held responsible for their own health and safety. Police should go after law breakers and leave our law abiding citizens alone.

  • Common Sense:
    Take heed to the health safety measures put forward by the Government.
    The rules put in place are to protect the general public due to the increase number of covid-19 cases in the city.
    “Protocol stap na Bihanim, maski lo paol, paol nabaut”.

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