Police hunt for dead woman’s hubby

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The National, Friday 23rd December 2011

POLICE in Lae, Morobe, are looking for the husband of a woman who was found dead in their house at a settlement outside the city.
Police reports say the woman, from Tomba in the Western Highlands, had steel wires tied around her neck.
Police believe she was strangled to death.
Neighbours said they saw the husband, originally from Wabag, Enga, later locking the doors to their home before asking people for money.
The neighbours became suspicious after he left. They broke down the door to the house and saw the wife lying dead on the floor.
Police believe that the wife had earlier on fled after being assaulted by the husband.
The husband found her and brought her back to their settlement house at around noon.
Their house is at Banana Block, adjacent to Cassowary Road, in Lae.
People living at the Banana Block settlement are facing eviction.
Meanwhile, police said a robbery suspect was shot dead in the East Sepik.
The man was among a group who had tried to hold up a company manager and rob workers’ wages he was carrying.
The manager was held up near the Wari Welding Shop.
When the thugs tried to grab the cash, he fired at them.
In the exchange of fire, the manager shot one of the robbers.
The others fled the scene leaving the cash behind.