Police hunt for robbery suspects

The National,Thursday June 16th, 2016

CRIMINALS stole about K2370,000 in cash and goods from a store on Misima Island in Milne Bay on Saturday and escaped in two dinghies,  provincial police commander Joseph Morehari said.
Morehari said they stole items worth K172,000 and K65,000 in cash at Bwagaoia station.
Police officers were deployed from Alotau in a police boat to intercept them at the Conflict Group of Islands but were unable to catch them however suspected that they could be hiding in one of the islands.
Although Morehari is yet to receive an official report, a Bwagaoia resident requesting anonymity said the 12 men armed with factory made firearms and grenades robbed a fuel service station and the ASL trading store at 3am.
They stole two drums of zoom from the service station. They then looted ASL Trading and left with five large bags filled with goods such as meats, can drinks, rice and other products, some cash retrieved from the till and two more fuel drums from the store.
They attempted to rob the Southern Cross store but left as dawn was approaching.
The source said because the stores and fuel service station were located near the waterfront the suspects brought their 20-foot 60 horse powered dinghy, stole another 20-foot 40 horse powered dingy at the wharf , divided the items between the two dinghies and took off.