Police in Daru attacked after man dies

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A POLICE vehicle was stoned, the police station damaged and officers assaulted as people went on a rampage in Daru on Sunday over the killing of a man.
South Fly police commander Supt Brian Kombe said the people had accused police for not arresting a suspect who allegedly killed a man in a fight over a woman on Saturday.
“They damaged the police vehicle and a stone just missed the station commander Insp Soiwa Ricker,” he said.
“They also damaged three stores and a private residence.
“This is the fourth time people have attacked police officers and damaged State properties since I came here as PPC.
“I have been lenient in working with the community leaders to apprehend suspects in previous incidents.
“But I’m now considering requesting the mobile squads from Port Moresby to (come and) apprehend all the suspects.”
Kombe said the man died on Sunday morning at the Daru General Hospital after he was admitted on Saturday afternoon with a knife wound.
“After learning of his death, the residents came and stoned the police station,” he said.
“They even stoned the police officers inside the station.”
Kombe said he tried to intervene but they ignored him.
“I don’t know why they were cross because we had already arrested the suspect who is now in custody.
“They then demanded that the body of the deceased be taken to their settlement.
“The ambulance took the body escorted by a police vehicle with Inspector Ricker, a community leader and some officers inside.
“When they came to Orosobu kona, the mob again stoned the police car. A stone just missed Ricker.”
The suspect who attacked Ricker has been arrested.