Police in Lae avoid confrontation

The National,Thursday June 9th, 2016

LAE Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr has assured the public that police will avoid confrontation with students at all costs.
His comments came as a result of a standoff between Unitech students and police yesterday as claims of police shooting in Port Moresby filtered through.
“What happened in POM should not happen here and we will not use force as long as students remain in campus,” he said.
Wagambie said students should understand the role of police in the country and they should not regard them as enemies.
He appealed to students to remain calm and not incite trouble among public as Lae was a volatile area known for mass rioting and destruction.
“We want students to have an open dialogue with us so we can have a mutual understanding of the situation that happened in Moresby,” he said.
Wagambie said students should not allow outsiders into campus because they might cause problems for them.
He said police were there to protect life and property.
He said police would be out in full force in Lae this week.