Police in Northern not doing enough


THE police hierarchy should do something soon to either transfer all police personnel currently serving in Northern or take disciplinary action against those in command because of the increasing petty crime and lawlessness in Popondetta town and other areas in the province.
It is an eyesore to see people consuming alcohol and drugs in public every day.
There are regular reports of criminal activities along the highway and constant attacks and robbing of valuables and bag-snatching at Bango market and other areas in the town.
The worst place thugs target valuables and bags is at Bango market and in settlements in and around Popondetta town.
Even though police have been boosted with the purchase of new vehicles recently by Northern Governor Gary Juffa to help with their work, the vehicles are not put to good use in fighting the increasing lawlessness in the town and other areas in the province.
All these vehicles should be taken back and given to village court officials, teachers and health workers who are honest and diligent with their work.
It is disgusting to see policemen mingling with the crowd in town but cannot do anything to stop petty crimes and other unlawful acts.

Concerned Public Servant