Police investigating killing near station

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POLICE are still investigating the murder of a 20-year-old man in Mt Hagen on March 26, Mt Hagen commander Chief Insp Jacob Kamiak says.
“The investigation report of the killing has yet to be submitted.
“But I can assure you that the killer/s will eventually be brought to face justice in court,” he said.
He was responding to calls by Simmie Nalnge’s relatives and friends from Dei’s Kombulga tribe to have the killer/s handed over to the police.
Kombulga leaders comprising ward councillor Joseph Tepi, Kendalg village court chairman Pakri Galg and community leader Saul Paul jointly said: “This killing was unexpected and those involved must face the full force of the law.”
Tepi said Nalnge, from Kendalg village, was found dead near the police station and “we want to know how this can happen”.
“The killer/s have no respect or fear for the police.
“They must be caught and police must prioritise investigation to bring closure to the murder case,” he said, adding that the Kombulga tribe did not want to take the law into their own hands because the matter was before the police.
“We have no enemies, we want to live peacefully, but to kill our son and then dump his body at about 5am next to the police station is disrespectful,” Galg said.
Galg said the tribe respect the good work of the police under the leadership of Chief Insp Kamiak and “we hope he will be able to solve and close the murder”. “Today, people’s safety is not guaranteed at all when evil people go around killing for no reason.”
Chief Insp Kamiak said those involved in the murder would be identified and “we will hunt him or they down”.