Police investigations into UPNG incident will take a while, Baki says

The National, Wednesday July 13th, 2016

AN internal investigation by police into the University of PNG incident will take a while as investigators were not able to interview students or get medical reports, says Police Commissioner Gari Baki
“So far what we have done is we have got statements from all the police officers that were at the scene of the incident,” he said.
“The crime scene has been visited and the investigators have taken note of everything that  happened during the day over there.”
Baki  said due to hospital policies, medical reports could not be obtained by the investigators. Medical report is personal and it’s a private document.
“So what we have done is the investigators have obtained a search warrant which has already been sent to the hospital for us to obtain a medical report to have a look at.”
Baki said they were not able to interview students also because all of them left after being discharged.
“But the investigators will make every effort possible to identify them later on or even to the extent when they get back on the re-enrolment to the university we will take the opportunity to get those students interviewed.”
Baki said the Government sanctioned a Commission of Inquiry but the internal investigation was basically a police matter.
Several students were shot and injured during a day of protest.