Police: It’s illegal to build humps on highways

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The National, Thursday 10th November 2011

POLICE have warned people against building humps on the Magi and Hiritano highways or demanding compensation from the state on the highway development.
Central police commander John Maru said parliament had passed a law recently empowering police to arrest and charge anyone tampering with state-owned transport infrastructure.
Maru said police had noticed many “illegal humps” on the Mekeo section of the Hiritano Highway.
“The only legal humps to be made on roads are government sanctioned humps and are supposed to be built by road contractors and not anybody else,” he said.
Maru said section 10 of the “Protection of Transport Infrastructure Act 2010” stated that anyone who damaged or encroached into road reserves or public roads by erecting speed humps, potholes or any other structure intended to control the speed of vehicles or excavates, alters or destroys these infrastructure will be fined not more than K100,000 or serve a jail sentence of not more than two years.  
Maru said humps could be used by criminals to hold up vehicles using the highway.
He said many road accidents were caused by unnecessary speed humps built by people.
He urged villagers along the highway not to block roads unnecessarily and report to appropriate authorities should they want speed humps erected in their area.