Police keeping close watch on centre


POLICE officers and soldiers are closely monitoring the movements of people in and out of the closed down refugee camp at Lombrum.
Manus Police Commander Senior Inspector David Yapu said the buses and trucks sent for the refugees to voluntarily get on and move out to the new camp were being refused since last month.
No civilians are allowed in including journalists.
All essential services such as water, food, electricity and shelter have been cut off since Oct  31. But some refugees are still refusing to move out of the camp in fear for their safety and welfare at the new refugee camp at West Lorengau.
They are digging water wells at the decommissioned centre and making makeshift shelters. Apart from lack of food, water and shelter, the refugees are now very much prone to malaria and other tropical and vector-borne diseases as well as suffering from serious mental and emotional depression. The new centre built by the Australian Government is still not well secured or fully constructed.
Iranian refugee Ali Fardmavini said the Australian Government should show some sense of humanity by ensuring that the refugees were resettled quickly.