Police lack accountability

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ACTING National Capital District (NCD) and Central Asst Comm Anthony Wagambie Jnr says his district police lack command and accountability.
“My priority is to restore command and accountability so that the people’s faith and respect in the force is restored,” he added.
Wagambie Jr told a press conference yesterday that there were too many reports of police brutality in Port Moresby attributing the problem to the lack of command and accountability at the front line.
“Police Station Commanders (PSCs) are not holding their officers accountable, NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers) are not being held accountable, there is no chain of command,” Wagambi said.
“And because of this, there is a lack of accountability at the front line and everyone is just doing whatever they want to do,” he lamented.
Wagambie said that all this would and should change for the better, calling on NCOs to carry out their duties responsibly.
“PSCs are ordered to be accountable to their officers and all under their command. It is simple discipline!” he said.
Wagambie said that it was shameful to see police officers just walking around chewing betel nut in police stations.
“This just gives the impression of how unprofessional you are. Em ino hausline blo you or praivet bisnis bilong yu (This is not your village or your private company), we are here to serve the people,” he added.
Wagambie said some policemen and officers were even providing private escorts using police vehicles and firearms.
“Let me get this clear. We can be good friends outside but when we are in our uniform and on duty, remember that we serve the people.
“Mi man blo raun, me ba raun na lukim, (I am an active person and will visit you) and if I catch any of you doing wrong, you will face disciplinary actions,” he warned.
He reminded all in the force that the electronic social and mainstream media had made transformed the world into a “very small place”, urging all police officers to be mindful of their actions and attitude.
“We are living in an era when information and news are spread very fast. There is no place to hide anything.
“Let us work together as a team, let us restore the command chain and be accountable,” he said.
“If all these can be achieved in Lae, I don’t see why it cannot be done in Port Moresby,” he added.

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