Police launch ops in Angoram to clamp down on rising crime

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The National, Friday, May 13, 2011

A MAJOR police operation is underway in Angoram, East Sepik, to clamp down on rising law and order problems, police commander Vincent Pokas says.
The operation started after last Saturday’s break-in at the Angoram police station.
More than 20 suspects stormed into the station destroying office property and stealing 60 cartons of beer, home-made guns and ammunition that were being kept as exhibits.
Pokas is leading a team to Angoram to catch the culprits.
By Wednesday morning, 12 suspects for serious crimes including the break-in at the police station had been arrested and sent to Wewak and Yangoru to appear in court.
Another two young men were arrested at the Angoram waterfront as they were about to board a dinghy with a bag of marijuana.
Police recovered several live rounds of ammunition and home-made firearms believed to be stolen from the police station.
The 60 cartons of beer had been confiscated during raids on black markets in a joint operation by Angoram and Yangoru police last Thursday following a rise in law and order problems at the district headquarters.
However, these cartons of beer were removed from the station last Saturday when more than 20 suspects broke into the police station.
Pokas said police were creating general law and order awareness to communities and appealing for the voluntary surrender of offensive weapons, drugs, ammunition and suspect wanted for serious and summary offences that had been reported to police.
He thanked the Angoram community for contributing money to replace chairs, tables and office stationery destroyed by suspects who stormed the police station.
Meanwhile, the acute shortage of police housing in the district was causing the reduced number of police personnel manning the district police station.
Pokas said he was working closely with relevant authorities to secure public servant housing for police personnel.