Police: Level of support received poor during SOE


MOROBE police have not received any support since the state of emergency came into effect, according to police commander Supt Alex N’Drasal.
Family PNG donated personal protective equipment (PPE) to police last Friday to use at check points in Mumneg, Bulolo and at the Nadzab airport, as well as other areas.
“Policemen and women have been active in this exercise to contain the Covid-19, but the level of support provided externally is very poor,” N’Drasal said.
He said there was no assistance from the Morobe health authority (PHA) as well as the Health Department.
“Policemen and women in the province have been some of those in the frontline working around the clock to protect people from the Covid-19,” he said.
“They put their lives on the line when doing awareness and manning checkpoints around the province.”
N’Drasal said it was not until Friday that Morobe police received its first supply of masks, sanitisers, bleach and other materials from Family PNG.
He said the PPEs received had been distributed to Wau, Bulolo, Nadzab, Mutzing, Zifasing, Morobe and Finschhafen.
He thanked Family PNG and said it showed the level of partnership from a non-government organisation to help protect the province from the Covid-19.
Meanwhile, Bulolo police managed to handle a fight between the settlers of a care centre at Bulolo and the students from PNG University of Technology’s Bulolo Forestry College last weekend.
Police reported that a student from the forestry college had gone to buy drinks at the settlement when he was allegedly assaulted by youths at the care centre.

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  • Where is the good governor of Morobe? Haven’t heard from him since the SOE started. You need to come and work alone with the PPC for Morobe.

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