Police look into murder


MADANG police are investigating the death of a village court magistrate who managed to save his grandson but got killed in the process on Tuesday night.
The Madang police traffic office said they started investigating the death of the magistrate near the Madang Teachers’ College, he was allegedly hit by a vehicle without lights.
A relative, who wished not to be named, said the magistrate, Mathew Olen, was carrying his grandson, believed to be about three years old, and was walking along the side of the road when he was hit.
He said Olen managed to throw his grandson off before the vehicle mowed him down.
The death of the man shocked hundreds of people under the Yanimba village court division.
Ward nine councillor Issach Carl said Olen was chairman of the Madang urban village court group and was a person of authority and respected by people from Sisiak to Madang Teachers’ College.