Police looking into assault of top cop


Police internal affairs are now investigating members of the Badili Police Station for allegedly assaulting former deputy police commissioner Francis Mugugia in Port Moresby, internal affairs director Robert Ali says.
Ali said Mugugia was also arrested, taken to the station and illegally detained at the station for five hours without being charged.
“The new police station commander has agreed to bring the accused officers to us for questioning,” he said.
“We did contact the outgoing station commander earlier on, but then, he was preparing to leave and so delayed our request.”
Mugugia told The National that he was assaulted by police officers when attempting to stop them from assaulting a woman near his house at 3-Mile.
“They were chasing a suspected betel nut seller and she came to my premises,” he said.
“I went to enquire about the scuffle and they punched my face.
“They then arrested me, roughly shoved me in the police vehicle and took me to the station to be charged.
“They said that I was arrested for obstructing police duty.”
Mugugia said that he was detained at the station cells without being charged for five hours before he was released after senior officers intervened.