Police looking for better recruits

Youth & Careers

BOMANA Police College commandant Peter Philip plans to have the minimum academic entry level of recruits reviewed to ensure police hired the best available.
He said they were currently selecting people who got D or F grades at secondary school.
He wants to use the online selection process used by tertiary institutions to pick new recruits.
This follows the disciplinary action taken against 37 officers who recently graduated from the collage and are facing suspension.
They were accused of disobeying orders and harassing the new intakes still at training.
Philip said recruiting people who had failed their examinations at secondary school was not working because they lacked discipline and behaved poorly.
“We cannot take Bomana Police College as a second-chance institution as it is the premier institution of the country that trains men and women to become police officers who will protect our people and their properties,” Philip said.
He suggests that the police
force out-source the recruitment process to an organisation with more expertise in hiring people.
“The nation is very concerned about the kind of police officers we are training and are sending them out to do policing duties,” Philip said.
“Some of them sometimes overstep their code of conduct to behave out of line to the public who are the very people that they should be protecting.
“We are supposed to be producing disciplined officers. It’s not the way the community and the police force want the officers to behave when they are out on their policing duties.”
Meanwhile, the next batch of recruits have arrived and will begin training next week.
They will graduate in two months.