Police looking for ‘vile’ woman

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David Manning

POLICE are looking for a woman (pictured) who in a video posted on social media was molesting a toddler, an act police described as animalistic and vile.
Police Commissioner David Manning said the Family Sexual Violence Unit was investigating the video shared on Facebook.
The two-minute video shows the woman undressing herself before sexually assaulting the child.
“How can a woman undress a child and rape her? The child is seen crying in pain and cannot speak as the woman rapes her,” Manning said.
“This is disgusting and I will ensure this case goes all the way to court.
“Police cybercrime unit and other domestic and foreign agencies are on standby to assist.
“Social media has really corrupted our social and moral values.
A disgusted Manning told The National the video was “animalistic and is vile”.
“I am concerned about the use of social media to openly flaunt the law and unashamedly display an act that would offend any reasonable sound-minded person,” he said.
Manning said police were investigating six Facebook pages that shared the video and other pornographic materials.
“While I acknowledge in other parts of the world and in PNG there are intimate communication between consenting adults, and these are tolerated and even accepted, there is quite a distinct broadline that is not tolerated when this act involves our children and vulnerable groups in our society,” Manning said.
“It is sickening.
“Our priority is to identify and bring to justice this female, and equally important is to remove the child from any further harm and contact with this person and anyone else that entertains this type of illegal behaviour.
“It is both horrific and sickening to deliberately subject an innocent child to this act,” Manning said.
He said anyone with information about the whereabouts of the woman and the child should contact Sergeant Job Eremungo of the Family and Sexual Violence Unit on telephone 76526156 or report to the nearest police station.