Police monitor tension after clans clash

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 15th, 2013


POLICE are awaiting reinforcements to travel to Kagua, Southern Highlands, where two clans have been fighting since last week.

Police and peace mediators who travelled to Kagua last Saturday failed to stop the fight between the Kambia and Wambea clans.

Ialibu police station commander Inspector Mack Hanema said he had told the provincial police commander in Mendi about the situation and was awaiting the arrival of additional manpower.

A community leader in Kagua, Charles Luther claimed six people had been killed and scores injured. Those injured could not travel to the hospital for fear of being attacked again. 

Hanema feared the number of deaths would increase.

He said peace mediators and police visited the area to negotiate peace but the situation was still very tense.

Hanema said houses had been burnt, with women and children fleeing into bushes to shelter.

He told police officers at Kagua to monitor the situation and search all vehicles passing through.

Henama said the two clans were fighting in a remote area and he needed reinforcements to go there and stop the fight. 

They were fighting over an unresolved compensation issue after a man from the Wambea clan was killed.

Hanema said he had tasked a peace and good order committee and nine council wards leaders to negotiate for peace and do a public awareness.

“I don’t know what has happened in the past 24 hours but I fear that there will be more deaths because manpower and firearms are already building up in the area,” he said.

Luther said they needed shelter for people displaced from their homes and sheltering in bushes and caves.