Police must buck up

Letters, Normal

I AM a two-time victim of car hold-up.
I took the initiative to work with some of my people in the area where I live to apprehend the suspects and brought them to the police station to lay criminal charges.
I then assisted the police in the case, provided statements and witnesses for the officers to complete the file for a court hearing.
It took four months to complete the file on the part of the police.
Despite my assistance, it took the police so long to complete the case.
Is this the normal duration?
To my surprise and disgust, I was informed by the police officers that the suspects had escaped from custody while appearing for mention a month ago.
I cannot accept such news as it showed that someone was not doing his job.
I have lost faith and trust in our police.
They showed total ignorance, negligence, unprofessionalism and failure to ensure the suspects are prosecuted.
Who can we turn to when the police, who are mandated to protect law-abiding citizens, fail to do their job?
Although the police were given a better remuneration package recently, they have yet to show taxpayers that they can keep our streets safe, investigate crimes committed, make arrest, file statements, complete files for court hearings, prosecute criminals and communicate with complainants of the progress.
We have yet to see all these.
When can we expect our police to play their part professionally?
Isn’t it a shame that we keep on reading about suspects escaping from their cells and causing more distress to law-abiding citizens?
The recent increase in crime rate is due to the failure of the police to stamp their authority.
Many criminal cases are left uncompleted and unsolved, leading to no end.
I call on the acting police commissioner and his ACPs to enforce the law and get cracking.
The public want to see justice.
We do not want to keep on looking behind our back every time we leave our home.
I am paying K320 tax every fortnight but yet I do not see a single policeman or vehicle patrolling my street on a regular basis for almost 15 years now.
Where has all my tax money gone?
What is the reward for me paying tax?
We pay tax so that law enforcement bodies can go after criminals, arrest them and prosecute them.
We have not seen it happening on a regular basis.


Pom city resident
Port Moresby