Police must clean up backyard

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, May 13, 2011

OUR policemen are going beyond their duty by harassing and bashing innocent street vendors who are trying hard to earn an honest living.
Their acts are contrary to their main role of protecting lives and properties. 
They are creating fear in the society and are causing the people to lose respect for the RPNGC.
The small people on the street need a few kina to survive just like anyone.
They are Papua New Guineans and they need protection from the police, not becoming victims of police and end up in hospitals with broken nose, arms or ribs. 
Who are the policemen serving? 
Policemen are the worse offenders of the law they are supposed to champion.
Look at their barracks.
Take the Gordon Barracks for example.
It is more like a settlement.
The inhabitants are cooking lamb flaps, selling buai, smoke and beer.
Beer cans and bottles are joining rubbish piling up around their houses.
Singles barracks have been turned into pubs with loud music and people jamming the place.
Many of the policemen’s wives are selling loots taken from street vendors in the barracks. 
No wonder the hard working acting deputy commissioner Fred Yakasa is saying “people are drinking openly in public now”.
Can he some do something before the situation gets out of hand?


G-barracks neighbour
Port Moresby