Police must end all forms of escort

Letters, Normal

 I wonder why we wear police uniform to work.
Is it to do BSP escort?
Or is it to do Air Niugini escort?
Is it to do TST escort?
BSP is not serving every Papua New Guinean, likewise Air Niugini or TST.
The reservists wearing police uniform and armed to the teeth are not serving the interest of Papua New Guineans.
What is the commissioner of police going to do with the so-called TST police because many people in NCD are confused who they are and who they are supposed to serve.
I hope the commissioner is not supporting them (TST police) as they are armed with high-powered guns and have police radios, looking more like a SWAT unit.
If the commissioner wants to stop all private escort, then he has to stop his boys at TST too.
I suggest the commissioner spend a fortnight at the Gordon barracks with K600 and see if he can survive.
He gets all the perks and privileges while his policemen and women do not get that.
The only thing they can do to meet the high cost of living is by private escorts and yet the officers still turn up for work.
If the commissioner wants to stop private escort, then he must do something good for his men and women, and stop all private police business like BSP, Air Niugini and TST.
The MoU he signed was not in the best interest of the whole PNG.


Die-hard cop
Port Moresby