Police must remain neutral

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 16th December 2011

THE manner in which the police handled the current political situation is ap­palling at times.
We have seen time and again our police are unable to control a huge crowd without the use of weapons.
Using weapons is a sign of weakness and an ill-trained police force.
There is no war in PNG and there are no warlords running parts of the city.
The only ones carrying weapons are the police.
Why are they aiming their weapons at unarmed civilians and discharging their firearms in public?
Whose interest are the police personnel serving?
Are they not entrusted to protect the nation and its people?
With the current political turmoil, the police should have remained neutral and respect the Constitution without siding with anyone and without the use of firearms.
When will the RPNGC be patriotic and serve the nation instead of taking sides?

Dr Martin Sa’avu
Port Moresby