Police nab man with 12.1kg of marijuana

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POLICE seized 12.1kg of marijuana from the home of a senior health worker in the Kubuna Catholic health centre in Kubuna, at the border of Mekeo and Goilala on Saturday.
Following a tip-off and as a result of the ongoing drug trafficking operations by police along the Hiritano and Goilala highways, police nabbed the suspect when they found five backpacks full of tightly sealed plastic bags containing the drugs.
When questioned about the drugs, the suspect said he was only transporting them to Port Moresby on behalf of his cousin, police said.
Police said he admitted he was going to transport the drug into the city using the Catholic health centre’s ambulance.
The national drug and vice squad said they had charged the 32-year-old, from Givera village in Tapini, Central province, who has been employed at the health centre for 12 years.
His recent position was officer in charge at the Catholic mission health centre.