Police officer learns about transnational crime network


A POLICE officer from the Transnational Crime Unit who recently attended the Pacific transnational crime network conference in Hawaii has praised the amount of information exchanged by participants.
Daru crime unit team leader Kali Pamuan was picked to attend the conference because his team dealt with transnational crime activities on the borders with Australia and Indonesia.
Pamuan said participants from member countries shared information and experience on transnational crime.
The Pacific transnational crime network was established in 2002.
He said partners and stakeholders in the Pacific shared intelligence to combat transnational and organised crimes.
“Other Pacific Islands countries joining the network include Tuvalu, Guam, French Polynesia, and Nauru,” he said.
“Border securities have to be beefed up by transnational crime units in each Pacific Islands to protect the borders.”
According to the network’s website, they have been working together since 2002 to combat transnational crime in the Pacific region.
The PTCN role is to provide a proactive operational criminal intelligence and investigative capability to combat transnational crime in the Pacific through a multi-agency and regional approach involving Police, Customs, and Immigration.
There are 18 units in 13 Pacific countries.
Assistant police commissioner Donald Yamasombi told The National that the regional conference was about crimes such as human trafficking and people smuggling.
“The conference basically focuses on the team leaders to attend and share experiences in their jurisdictions,” he said.