Police officer to stand trial for assault

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A 34-YEAR-old police officer is to stand trial in the Waigani National Court for assaulting his girlfriend and causing bodily harm.
Magistrate Sinclair Gora ruled yesterday that John Kaimbe, from Port Moresby police headquarters, is to answer to two counts of causing grievous bodily harm contravening section 390 of the Criminal Code.
The court heard that Kaimbe assaulted Docas Diufa, who fainted and bled heavily and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.
In the first assault on Oct 13, 2007, Kaimbe and Ms Diufa were in the Lizard Lounge Club when for no apparent reason Kaimbe smashed a glass of beer in her face.
Ms Diufa was rushed to the hospital where she received 17 stitches.
Ms Diufa lodged a police report against Kaimbe but the case was never pursued.
In the second incident on March 21, last year, Kaimbe and Ms Diufa were at the Port Moresby Country Club when Kaimbe got upset, grabbed the victim by her clothes and dragged her to the gate.
Kaimbe then smashed her head on to the gates where she collapsed and bled heavily.
Ms Diufa was given 24 stitches and she also suffered deformities to her face.
Mr Gora said although there were not enough eyewitnesses to the assaults, the court took into consideration medical reports and photographic evidence of the injuries.
“The fact that the medical evidence suggests that the victim’s skull was exposed is very serious, collaborated with photographic evidence of the swollen face and stitches clearly support the evidence,” Mr Gora said.
Kaimbe will appear before the National Court for listing on April 19.