Police officers conduct awareness, help build road

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THE continuous killing in the Transgogol local level government (LLG) area have prompted police to take a more proactive approach to their awareness in the LLG.
A team of 25 police officers from the Air Tactical Unit and assisted by the Northern Mobile Group Quick Response Force (NMG ORF), were in action trekking through heavy bush to construct a road for the community of Transgogol.
They were helped by the villagers.
The road network will ensure that police vehicles are able to travel through to assist villagers that are living in fear of retaliation killings and other issues in the LLG.
The team were seen in action as they were in Ward 14, Tarina village, in Transgogol.
They were near the head of Nawandin River trekking towards Imam.
While the team was in the LLG, 272 men surrendered, 83 were formally processed and 25 arrested and charged with wilful murder and are now remanded at the Beon prison in Madang.
Police Minister Bryan Kramer said last month that phase two of “Make Madang Safe Again” would see the two units carry out operations in his electorate.
The operation will run for three months in the electorate.
Kramer said it is expected the operations will reduce the crime rate by 90 per cent in the LLG’s and the province.

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  • Thanks you the men and women in blue. Once beautiful and peaceful transgogol has taken over by cult and criminal elements influenced by the devil that brought pain and suffering to our people for along time. Your God will bless you for your tireless efforts to bring peace and love to the people. Just a gesture is genuine and blends well with our established cultural norms of respect and understanding

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