Police officers warned: Vehicles are for official use only

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POLICE officers have been warned to not use official resources for their personal use.
Police Commissioner Gari Baki sounded the warning during the handing over to police of four vehicles by Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko at the Badili police station yesterday.
“I am overwhelmed with the support that is being given to us by the governor for NCD Powes Parkop and the Minister for Lands and Physical Planning and Minister for Apec Justin Tkatchenko,” he said.
Tkatchenko said the four vehicles cost around K500,000. Two will be used by Badili police.
Baki said such resources should be used for the intended purpose.
“Meaning that when you are required by the community to attend to your policing responsibilities you must attend to them. When you are required to be among them to deal with any disputes within the community, you are expected to be part of that. When they come to you to the police stations to lay a complaint you must attend.”
Baki said police vehicles should not be used for personal runs.
“These vehicles are not given for you to use as your private vehicles to carry your families. These vehicles will not be used for you to consume alcohol and for you to be seen to be driven around in them in NCD under the influence of alcohol,” he urged.
Baki said he would be monitoring the use of the vehicles through the commander and the Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’dranou.

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