Police oppose bail granted by court

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SEVEN of the eight suspects in Kimbe, West New Britain province, arrested  and charged for conveying and possessing of dangerous drugs, were granted bail by the Kimbe District court last Wednesday despite strong opposition from the police.
Among those granted bail was a university student, who is presently on National Court bail for his alleged involvement in the Bialla Bank South Pacific robbery in November last year.
A prisoner, who escaped from the Buimo jail and was caught during this drug bust, was the only one not allowed bail.
Police have written to senior provincial magistrate Patrick Baiwan expressing their concerns about the bail.
Police opposed bail because these suspects were dangerous to the community.
They also said the bail of the suspects did not come under section 9 of the Bail Act which spells out where bail cannot be granted.
They said police and courts did not usually grant bail to suspects charged for possession of dangerous drugs.
BSP security manager, John Bonot, when asked if the suspect’s bail were a threat to the operation of the banks in WNB, he said the bank’s executives have still to reach a decision based on a thorough report from Kimbe police.
The BSP branches would continue to operate until a decision is made.
It is understood the senior provincial magistrate would be re-convening the case.