Police out in force

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The National, Thursday July 21st, 2016

 By Michael Guba

Police in the National Capital District will be out in full force to maintain peace and calm when parliament resumes tomorrow, Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi says.
Turi said his office had already issued the operation orders and police would be present at Parliament House entrances and around the city to ensure normalcy.
“Our presence is to make the city safe. All we want is for businesses, schools and offices to operate normally and let the politicians debate on the vote of no confidence in parliament,” he said.
Turi said police were tasked to monitor and control the public entering the parliament gallery as there was only limited space,  200 seats.
“Of the 300 seats in the public gallery, 100 have been allocated to dignitaries and diplomats and 200 to the general public,” Turi said.
“So police will be strict on whoever goes in.
“Passes will be issued to the public according to provinces and of those allocated to the provinces, 10 will be for women for fair representation.” Turi said.
He said the sitting will be televised live so others could still watch from home. He also warned civil society groups and others to refrain from inciting violence as police would not tolerate it due to current political tensions.
Turi has urged city residents to stay out of trouble as hospitals maybe without staff due to a possible strike by medical unions.
He also urged PMVs to continue to provide services.