Police perks approved

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GENERAL secretary of the Police Association of PNG Clemence Kanau announced the approval of the long-awaited second phase of the salary and allowance increase for police services employees throughout the country yesterday.
Mr Kanau heaped praises on the Government for “recognising the commitment, dedication and loyalty of all police service personnel by granting the increase”.
He said this yesterday at the association’s office in Port Moresby.
He added that the salary and allowances increase would be paid retrospectively last July 1, after the expiry of the first salary and allowance agreement last June.
Mr Kanau said the agreement was a win-win for public servants in terms of compulsory life insurance.
“Police services employees will now enjoy compulsory life insurance cover 24/7 while being employed by the police  throughout the country,” Mr Kanau said.
He also pointed out that the successful negotiations for compulsory insurance cover for members and their spouses had now opened a new chapter for compulsory insurance for public servants throughout the country.
“Unions must include compulsory insurance cover on the industrial awards shopping list,” Mr Kanau said.
The agreement on the new conditions of employment in the police service will be signed at a later date between the Government, the police commissioner and the PNG Police Association.
The agreement will
* Compulsory life insurance cover at all times for all uniformed and civilian employees of police;
* Life cover for spouses;
* Medical cover;
* Height allowance for riggers and communication technicians;
* Remote location allowance for police serving in remote locations;
* Mining hardships allowance for members serving in mining sites or provinces; 
* Rabaul obnoxious and inconvenience allowance for police serving in Rabaul;
* Special domestic market allowance for all specialists;
* General increase in salary across the board with an aim to increase the salary of police constables of the lowest rank to K700 per fortnight by next year;
* Increase in all specialist skills base jobs and work allowance; and
* Recognition of union officials and adoption of proper grievance settlement procedures for dispute settlement in the RPNGC between the management and the union officials.