Police plan training for officers to protect families


POLICE officers will be trained to deal with violence and sexual offences in the next two weeks, according to Delilah Sandeka from the Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee.
One training session will be funded by the Justice and Sustainable Service for Development and the other by Oil Search.
She said officers would be trained to address family and sexual violence cases.
“A magistrate will elaborate on the Family Protection Act. Sometimes it is a different approach in administering those because of the circumstances. So police look at ways to get things done,” Sandeka said.
The Oil Search-funded workshop will run from November 20 to 24 in Port Moresby.
“Twenty-seven new officers in the city plus our front counter police station officers will attend.
“This is just to sensitise them so that they understand, we understand and we are on the same page.”
She said a similar training funded by Oil Search was conducted in Madang and Tari.
“We are a bigger organisation and  training has to be ongoing to get everybody on the same page,” Sandeka said.
“With so many laws introduced, they are the ones who are going to implement those laws.
Therefore, they need to understand those laws,” Sandeka said.