Police prepare for festive season


POLICE in West New Britain are preparing for the special Christmas-New Year operation after winding down their PNG Games operation.
One of their immediate tasks is to look for the prisoners who recently escaped from the Kerevant prison in Gazelle.
Provincial Police Commander Chief Superintendent Jim Namora said members of the Mobile Squad from Rabaul would be returning home from Kimbe.
“There are already visible signs of some positive and encouraging developments leading to the eventual return of normalcy and peace in the Talasea district as a result of the Bakovi Storm special police operations,” he said.
Namora thanked the police officers and ward leaders for supporting peace and reconciliation in Talasea district.
He said police operations in Talasea would continue until Dec 14 when a review would be made.
“The onus now will be on the Talasea LLG members and the Talasea MP to support the operations financially to restore basic services or terminate the operations and address the issue from a different perspective,” he said.