Police presence needed

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KOMO local level government president Thomas Potape has called for police presence on the ground in Komo before any LNG project work begins.
Mr Potape highlighted this after two people were killed late last month that eventually led into a tribal fight in Komo.
He said this was a security threat to the project.
“We must have police on the ground before early works begin on the gas project,” Mr Potape said yesterday.
He also made an open invitation to ministers for Treasury and Finance, National Planning, Public Enterprises, Petroleum and Energy and Police to make an on-site visit to talk and gauge the people’s views on the ground.
“There are issues that needed to be addressed before the licenced based forums can take place.”
Petroleum and Energy Minister William Duma in response, said Cabinet had approved funding to restore law and order but admitted that it would take time.
He said there were tribal fights in Angore and Komo which the Government was trying to address.
Mr Duma said the law was not specific but if landowners agreed they could hold forums near the site or within the country at other locations such as Mt Hagen and Port Moresby.