Police probe assault case

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The National, Friday, June 10th 2011

THE police criminal investigation division is investigating the brutal assault of three youths two weeks ago by Bank South Pacific security personnel in Port Moresby.
NCD metropolitan com­mander Supt Joseph Tondop confirmed he re­ceived the report and had engaged CID officers to investigate.
In the meantime, the bank’s security heads are carrying out internal investigations into the beatings.
The youths, two bro­thers from Enga and ano­ther from Chimbu, claimed to have been se­verely assaulted by drunk bank guards.
The security guards were police reservists providing security at the bank under a memorandum of understanding with the police department.
It is alleged the brothers, Kevin and Daniel Ben were taken to the BSP Commercial Centre in Gordon and repeatedly beaten.
The bank, in a statement last week, denied the officers had been drunk and said the BSP premises in Gordon housed the bank’s security headquarters.
One of the victims, Da­niel, claimed the security officers almost killed them.